Lost is a reality show that airs on ABC. The first season features fourteen contestants on two separate teams competing to be the one survivor on an island. The two teams each feature seven contestants: one is titled "The Beach Campers", and the other, "The Cave Campers".

Contestants Edit

Place Contestant Team Episode
14 Walt Lloyd Cave Genesis
13 Claire Littleton Cave Little Women
12 Shannon Rutherford Beach Tossed Aside
11 Hurley Reyes Beach Mr. Cluck
10 Charlie Pace Cave Adventures in Wonderland
9 Boone Carlyle Beach In the Eyes of an Angel
8 Michael Dawson Cave Together Forever
7 Jin-Soo Kwon Beach Meet _____
6 Sun-Hwa Kwon Beach Farewell, Cruel World!
5 Sayid Jarrah Cave Down in the Gutter
4 John Locke Cave Life and Death
3 James Ford Beach The Final Countdown
2 Kate Austen Beach The End of it All
1 Jack Shepard Cave The End of it All